We are pleased to introduce FCMB Health Advisory, an on-demand health information and service web platform, brought to you in collaboration with Wellvis.org. Through this service*, you can connect with over 30 qualified medical doctors across a broad range of specialties from the convenience of your home office or even on the go, all at pocket-friendly rates.
* Please note that this service is a first line of contact for medical attention and does not replace the need to see a doctor if necessary. Terms and conditions apply

Say ‘no’ to self-medication

Self-medication is never advisable when it comes to dealing with health issues, as it can often lead to misdiagnosis, complications or even death. However, due to factors such as distance or possible long wait times at hospitals, many Nigerians still opt for self-medication as the first line of action when they feel unwell.

Free health resources

Get access to free and up-to-date health resources on key medical conditions such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Malaria, Hypertension and more. To access fact sheets on some common ailments, click here...

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It’s quick and easy to speak with a doctor. As an FCMB customer your first 30 minutes consultation is FREE
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