FCMB’s range of Prepaid Cards are store value payment cards pre-funded with a pre-determined value used for payment of goods and services across all channels- WEB, POS and ATM in Nigeria.

Available in VISA, MasterCard and Verve Bands, the MasterCard and VISA can be used globally, while the Verve Card is used only in Nigeria and selected African countries.


  • Visa Prepaid (NGN)
  • Mastercard Prepaid (USD)
  • Muslim Pilgrim Prepaid Mastercard
  • Christian Pilgrim Prepaid Mastercard
  • Verve Prepaid
  • Agency Verve Card


  • Open to both account holders and Non-account holders of the bank.
  • Available in Naira and Dollar
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Flexible- Can be tailored to suit your needs.
  • Secured by EMV technology, thereby preventing card cloning and unauthorized access to cardholder’s funds.
  • Flexible for co-branding with organizations and corporate bodies


  • Non-exposure of unintended funds and accounts
  • Load in branch or online through internet banking platform or any bank’s Mobile Banking Service
  • Can be used to make purchases online, pay bills and access cash at ATMs worldwide.
  • Enhanced Funds Management – Reports is readily available for transactions reconciliation of every card issued.
  • Ability to avail members with international cards without any obligation to open accounts.




Mastercard (USD)


Naira Visa Prepaid Card