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To facilitate students’ financial planning while living abroad, FCMB, has summarized its services and practical advice below.

Types of Services


Service Fee

Bank Notes

Visit any FCMB branch to buy foreign bank notes in the currencies displayed on the bank’s exchange rate board


Bank Draft

  1. A bank draft is a payment order which instructs a bank in another country to pay someone an indicated amount of money
  2. FCMB sells foreign drafts in the currencies displayed on the bank’s exchange rate board.
  3. If you are a student, you can buy drafts in your own name which you can use as a deposit when opening an account with a foreign bank. You can also use it to pay for tuition fees by indicating the school or university as a payee.


Traveler’s Cheque

  1. Traveler’s cheques can be used almost like cash – they can be used to pay for products and services or converted to cash.
  2. If your cheques are lost or stolen, you can contact the traveler’s cheque agency overseas to cancel them and issue new ones.
  3. To cash a cheque, you must always sign the cheque in the presence of the payee and show your passport or other form of identification. The signature must look the same as the signature on the cheque and passport.

1% of the purchasing amount + N50 duty stamp per a cheque

International Funds Transfer via SWIFT

  1. FCMB uses SWIFT to facilitate international funds transfer instructions. This service ensures funds are delivered to your beneficiary quickly and safely. You will need the following information to transfer funds successfully:
    • The account name and number, and the student’s address overseas
    • The name and address of the bank the student has an account with
    • The SWIFT address of the bank the student has an account with (if any)
  2. To make a funds transfer for educational purposes, you must also submit a document from the school, university overseas or office of The Civil Service Commission as evidence that the student is enrolled overseas.


International Funds Transfer Service via FCMB RIB

  1. Funds can be transferred via FCMB RIB, the bank’s s internet banking service, for the purpose of supporting educational expenses. You will need to prepare the following information:
    • Application form
    • Identification card
  2. Contact any FCMB branch nationwide to get started


Western Union Money Transfer Service

The Western Union Money Transfer Service enables funds transfers anywhere in the world without needing a bank account

The Western Union Money Transfer Service fee is calculated from the actual amount of funds transferred. Please contact the branch for more details on their fee structure.

ATM and Debit Cards

  1. FCMB debit cards, including the Pocket Money Card &Co-branded Pre-loaded can be used to withdraw cash from overseas ATMs.
  2. The bank automatically deducts money from the account in Nigeria by calculating the exchange rate set by Master Card & Visa International.

Entrance fee – N Annual fee – N Withdrawal fee of N per transaction will be deducted from accounts in Nigeria