Have you ever wanted a card you could use without needing to carry it about? The FCMB Virtual Debit Card answers this. An invisible card that exists only on your mobile app and internet banking platform, the Virtual Debit Card works just like your physical card for making online payments.


  • It is linked to your Current or saving account in the bank while the Prepaid option, operates with a wallet account.
  • Offered in variants of MasterCard and Verve.
  • Denominated in Naira
  • The MasterCard variant can be used for local and international online transactions provided the merchant accepts Mastercard.
  • The Verve card variant can be used for local online transactions and accepted by a few international merchants.
  • All cardholders’ details are displayed on the digital platform for the account holder to access instantly once he provides all necessary authentications.
  • Transaction history can be accessed through Cardholders accounts.
  • Three (3) years validity.
  • Card can be re-issued if expired.


  • Secured means of making payment, a second level authentication in form of an OTP (One Time Password) is provided to complete a transaction.
  • 24/7 access to funds in the card anywhere in Nigeria.
  • Instant SMS transaction alerts for convenient monitoring of card usage.
  • Customers have a much lower risk of being a victim of fraud if they use a virtual debit card: it cannot be stolen or cloned.
  • Cost of card is cheaper compared to physical card.
  • Convenient to get and use a virtual debit card takes far less time.
  • No need to carry a physical card
  • Provides protection and convenience

How to get the FCMB Virtual Debit Card

  • Download and login to FCMB New Mobile here
  • Go to Card Management on the menu
  • Select Request for Virtual Card
  • Link to an account
  • Complete your details and verify with OTP

Try it now, it’s quick, easy and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

It is a digital representation of a physical card. An instant card issued via the Mobile App.

Your Virtual Debit Card can be used for online transactions ONLY.

Yes, you will need to activate the card before use. To activate your card, simply change your default PIN provided on the platform, then follow the steps for activation.

Yes, the card is linked to an account that you select. You can also open a new account for just your Virtual Debit Card.

The primary details of a Virtual Debit Card such as the card number, CVV, and expiry date is secured with your Mobile App or Internet Banking credential plus a dynamic 2nd level authentication. You can easily reach for these details when you want to make online
transactions without having to worry about losing your Virtual Card or carrying it safely everywhere you go.

YES. You can request multiple Virtual Debit Cards on one account. However, you can only have one Virtual Debit Mastercard and one Virtual Debit Verve Card at most.

You can fund your account from any channel to utilize your virtual card.

  1. Login to FCMB New Mobile
  2. Go to Card Management on the menu
  3. Select Request For Virtual Card
  4. Link to an account
  5. Complete your details and verify with OTP

For further enquiries, kindly call our 24/7 Contact Centre on 01-2798800 or send an email to customerservice@fcmb.com