Our Cash Management Products include:

Payments via our Electronic Banking system which enables you pay staff, vendors, etc. quickly and efficiently but not limited to:

  1. NIP(NIBSS Instant Payment)
  2. NEFT (NIBSS Electronic Funds Transfers) for your high volume, low value payments e.g. Payroll, Supplier payments, etc.
  3. NAPS (NIBSS Automated Payment System) for Instant bulk payments.
  4. RTGS- (Real time Gross Settlement) - An online payment system which allows the continous processing and settlement of large value, time and critical payments in real time.
  5. Manager's Cheques
  6. Corporate Cheques
  7. Account-to-Account Transfers
  8. Cross-border payments

Collections product suite which have been designed to help you pull funds into your account as quickly as possible through:

Direct Debit initiation, Branches, Point of Sale terminals, Internet portals etc.

Liquidity Management solutions which offer greater control and returns on your working capital using:

  1. Pooling & Cash Concentration (Sweeps - Zero, Target & Range Balance)
  2. Intra-day account balancing & funding
  3. Management of intra-group/intercompany lending
  4. Interest calculations and interest reallocation to sub-accounts from surplus balances
  5. Account Structures which help streamline your account relationships in order to minimize reconciliation issues and get the best returns using our Current Account, High-Yield Account & Time Deposit Accounts.

Financial reporting which provide detailed, customizable reports both for your accounts with FCMB and other banks.