Being one of CBN’s approved Foreign Exchange (FX) Primary Market dealer, the bank is an active player in the trading of FX Spot and FX Forwards in the local money market. This is evidenced in volume of transactions consummated.

Importers and Exporters aspiring to successfully operate in an import dependent economy like Nigeria require a partner who possesses a sound knowledge of the local market and also has the ability to navigate its regulatory terrain.

FCMB offers you Foreign Exchange Products and Services built consistently over the years to provide multinationals and other clients in- depth analysis and innovative solutions to their foreign exchange needs. This often involves prompt foreign exchange deliveries at best possible rates as well as managing risks associated with cross border trade using various hedging products.

Spot Purchase:

Where a customer has trade obligations to settle in a foreign currency, this is most likely the case where the customer is an importer and he requires foreign exchange to pay his own customer (the exporter) in another country and in another currency. In such an instance the customer will have to use his naira to purchase the foreign currency. This is referred to as an outright purchase and only customers with eligible trade transaction(s) are allowed to purchase Foreign exchange in the interbank market.

Spot Sale:

A customer may also be in possession of foreign exchange and may wish to sell it to the bank in return for Naira. This is most likely the case for an export business related customer who earns part of his revenue in foreign exchange or where the customer is raising capital for his business from abroad by way of capital importation.

Foreign Exchange Forward: A forward rate is a rate agreed upon by two counter parties to be used to convert one currency into another at a determined future date. The rate, once agreed upon is, binding on both parties. The rate is not determined by chance. It is derived by use of a mathematical formula which takes into account the spot rate of the two currencies in question, the tenor of the forward and the interest rates prevailing in the two relevant countries.

Currency Swaps: This is a foreign exchange agreement between two parties to exchange the principal and/or interest of an asset or liability in one currency for equivalent amounts in another currency at a pre-determined time.

Other Currencies: A customer may buy or sell other currencies like GBP, Euro against the USD without converting to naira. A cross rate is applied which indicates the prevailing value of one currency relative to the other. The customer may require this product if he is in possession of one foreign currency, but has to make payments in another foreign currency.