• Free cheque book
  • Free account maintenance fee or monthly flat charge
  • Free bank draft
  • Free counter cheque
  • Free printing of account statement
  • No bank charge on local transactions


  • Customer must be new to FCMB
  • Customer must be a registered company (SMEs ONLY)
  • Customer MUST subscribe to alternate channels
    1. Card
    2. Internet banking
    3. Mobile banking
  • Applicable to SME Local Currency Accounts products
    1. FCMB Business Account
    2. Corporate Current Account
    3. FCMB Business Savings Account
  • Valid for 90days for each customer


 FCMB Business Account

  • N25,000 account opening balance
  • N5,ooo minimum operating balance
  • Zero Account Maintenance Fee up to N40million debit turnover
  • Monthly fixed charge as low as N6,350 on N40million debit turnover
  • Access to loan facilities

 Corporate Current Account

  • N10,000 account opening balance
  • Account maintenance fee @ N1/mille
  • Zero operating balance
  • Access to loan facilities

FCMB Business Savings Account

  • N10,000 account opening balance
  • N1,000 minimum operating balance
  • Maximum of 2 withdrawal monthly or interest is forfeited
  • Quarterly Interest payment
  • Withdrawal slip not valid for clearing

Simply open an FCMB Business Account today at any of our branches