Enterprising as they are, Nigerian businesswomen face so many challenges in their quest to grow successful businesses.  That’s why FCMB is paying closer attention to the needs of women who own or run a business in Nigeria, providing the support they need to thrive.

We are passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs, helping them build their businesses and improving the overall success rate of businesses owned or run by women.

What gaps does SheVentures by FCMB close for the Nigerian business woman?

Limited access to finance- sociocultural norms, legal discriminations, skills and confidence gaps, poor access to networks and information are some of the constraints to women’s access to funding when compared to their male counterparts.

Gender discrimination, stereotyping and lack of respect –Women tend to face a lot of discrimination and lack of respect when they venture into the business world.

Dual career/family pressures- Women face the same business pressures as their male counterparts, yet they also have to balance all of that with family responsibilities.

Lack of financial knowledge- Inadequate access to formal education and training is one of the key barrier to women's advancement in the business world. This has affected women in terms of acquiring financial knowledge and business specific skills.

Network support system- Most women hardly have the opportunity to meet and network in business related environments, which puts them at a disadvantage compared to their male counterparts.

SheVentures Propositions

  1. FCMB BOI Gender Loan: This loan has been pegged at 15% and cuts across all business sectors and segments. It comes with up to one year moratorium, where applicable.

    Some features of the BOI Gender Funds includes:

    • Interest rate of 13% per annum (all charges/fees inclusive)
    • Tenor of up to 4 years
    • Maximum loan amount of N100,000,000

    Terms and conditions apply. 

  2. Zero Interest Loan: The Zero Interest Loan is a designated flagship product that offers short term loans at zero percent interest. This product answers the need of business women who need quick access to funds.

    Some of the features of the Zero Interest Loan includes:

    • Interest rate of 0% (all charges/fees inclusive)
    • Maximum tenor of 3 months. Payment cycle is flexible depending on customer cash flow and need
    • Facility Amount: ≤ 50% of average monthly turnover with minimum of N500,000 and maximum of N5,000,000
    • Target Market: women owned and run businesses
  3. Mentorship and Capacity Building – We have a network of qualified mentors to assist our women by providing guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modelling for a successful career. We have also partnered with consultants to help our female customers bring structure and sustainability to their businesses at highly discounted rates. We engage in capacity building by hosting training events and getting female business customers get discounts to industry specific seminars.
  4. Networking Events - FCMB also sponsors various networking events where female entrepreneurs can network, cross sell and open new business avenues.