MPOS is a mobile Point-of-Sales (Mobile POS) that operates on bluetooth enabled smartphone devices.  mPOS App can be downloaded on the mobile device and the App is launched each time a merchant needs to consummate a transaction on the terminal. The PinPad (Chip reader) is connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth to process a transaction. Transaction amount, type of transaction and account type are captured on the mobile device while the Pinpad only allows cardholder to insert his card and enter PIN. Status of consummated transaction is either via Bluetooth enabled printer or an e-receipt is sent to specified email(s).


Key features

  • It uses the data on a mobile device thereby offering a better network reliability in view of capability to swing across EDGE, 2G and 3G
  • It is more portable than regular POS terminals which makes it easier to move about with
  • It gives merchant the option to print e-receipt for transactions consummated on the terminal
  • It has capability to record cash or card transaction on the devices
  • It has in App transaction history ( view transaction history, daily, monthly, year or All)
  • It connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth
  • It also uses a Bluetooth enabled portable printer (though optional because it has capacity to issue e-receipt)



  • Better connectivity
  • Faster and more reliable than regular POS terminals
  • Better user experience
  • Possibility of sales on the go
  • Allows card and cash payments
  • Low cost device
  • Ease of integration to multi-platform