“Risk free returns on your investment with the flexibility of withdrawal”Call deposits are tailored to meet your needs if you want to put away large sums of money for an unspecified length of time.


Why choose an FCMB Call Deposit account?

  • Flexibility
  • Offers risk free return on investments
  • Pays you attractive interest rates
  • Minimum deposit period of one (1) day
  • Offers the flexibility of withdrawal at your convenience, however, 24 hours notice is required prior to withdrawal
  • Interest rate guaranteed for fixed tenor of your deposit
  • Minimum amount to invest is N250,000.00

What do I need to qualify for an FCMB Fixed / Call Deposit Accounts?

  • You need to meet the following:
  • Provide two (2) passport photographs of each authorised signatory (stating the name on the reverse side).
  • Provide a proof of identification such as an original Passport; Driver’s Licence or National ID card (for sighting) Photocopies are also required for new customers.
  • Provide a copy of a recent receipt from any public utilities or private telephone operator not later than three (3) months (where applicable for new customers).
  • Provide a copy of a residence or work permit for foreign account holders

Global Fixed Deposit Account

  • Take advantage of attractive interest rates to earn money on foreign currencies while you are outside of Nigeria.
  • Opening balance USD 5,000 or Euro 3,500 or GBP 2,500

Take advantage of the following unique features:

  • Can be operated in three foreign currencies (USD, Euro and GBP).
  • No charges from FCMB for remittances into your account with us (Zero remittance commission on inflows)
  • Attractive interest rates on your global foreign currency fixed deposits
  • Funds repatriation is fast and easy (whether at the maturity of your investment or at any time that you decide)
  • Highly secure and convenient Internet Banking access
  • Ease in documentation required to operate account
  • Individual and Joint Account options

You choose how long to maintain the deposit:

Tenors of 30, 60, 90, 180 & 360 days

More benefits:

  • Access investments with high returns in Nigeria
  • SWIFT Telegraphic Transfers for investment booking
  • Automatically rolled-over or renewed at maturity for the same tenor at prevailing market rate.
  • No penal charge for premature termination of investments. (Applicable rate for the tenor of the deposit is applied)

It’s easy to open an account, all you need to provide is:

  • A duly filled and signed Indemnity Form
  • A duly filled and signed GFD application form
  • Two (2) recent passport photographs
  • Valid proof of identification (International passport (bio-data page) or a Residence or Work Permit or a Driver’s License)
  • Proof of address (A recent utility bill, bank statement or letter from the Bank dated within the past three months)
  • Optional - Proof of Source of Funds (Work ID option: an employer’s letter, recent pay slips, business registration, bank statements or banker’s reference will suffice)