We are pleased to introduce the FCMB Secure Communication- a secure and convenient way of sending your transaction requests on the go using FCMBOnline.

With FCMB Secure Communication, you will get your transactions treated without going through the hassle of visiting a branch, sending an email or speaking with a contact center agent.

Here are some of the requests you can make on FCMB Secure Communication:

  • FX Fund Transfer/Enquiry
  • Local transfers request/Enquiries
  • Fixed deposit
  • Limit increase or decrease on debit card
  • Treasury bills
  • Letter of reference
  • Standing Instruction
  • Deactivation of Stolen card
  • Replacement of damaged card
  • Request for Token

To get started, simply log on to FCMBOnline with your login details and follow the two easy steps below: 

  • Type in your requests and submit.

Once done, we will get the transaction treated immediately.


Not yet on FCMBOnline? Simply click here to register now.