Premium Salary Plus loan provides confirmed staff of commercial organizations more useable funds. The employee’s organization must have been rated on Moody’s with a minimum A- rating, and eligible employees interested in the product must earn a minimum monthly income of N100, 000.00.


  • Free issuance cost for Premium Debit & Credit Cards
  • Premium Cheque book


  • Interest rate - 22.00% per annum
  • Maximum loan amount - N50 Million
  • Minimum loan amount - N2 Million
  • Maximum tenure - 60 Months
  • Minimum tenure - 12 Months
  • Management fee - 1% flat upfront (0.5% for top-up loan)
  • Collateral - Domiciliation of salary, terminal benefits and other allowances
  • Insurance fee - 0.9%*loan amount*tenure (in years)

***Terms and conditions apply