FCMB POS terminals designed, configured and deployed to cash outlets to facilitate the exchange of value between a cardholders and merchants. Our POS terminals allow online debit to cards used for transactions from the merchant location and merchant account is credited with corresponding debit at settlement.

The FCMB POS terminal accepts all cards variance issued in and outside Nigeria from cardholders of all the banks such as Verve, VISA and MasterCard. International card acceptance is however activated strictly on merchant’s request.

Our POS can be used to perform variety of basic banking & financial transactions, some of which include:

  • Payment for goods and services  purchase
  • Cash Back services
  • Pre-Authorization service
  • Cardless transactions
  • Air time recharge
  • Bill payment (PHCN, DSTV, etc)
  • Payment Reversal option
  • End of Day transaction report
  • Customizable for different schools, industries, scheme that will capture transaction details as specified by the organization  with online reporting features

Benefits of FCMB POS Terminals

  • Increased sales volume - Customer satisfaction
  • Instant confirmation of payment via CTMS platform
  • Speed of check out as payments are authorized quickly
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Opportunity to earn fee income from cash back service
  • Easy cash evacuation at zero cost
  • Transaction security and integrity is assured
  • Promotes impulse purchase and payment by cardholders
  • Reduces your exposure to loss due to robbery or pilferage by employees
  • Eliminates fraud and makes accounting easier
  • Accepts all variance of debit cards of all participating banks in Nigeria

Prompt settlement of funds within T+1 for local cards and T+2 for international cards